Selenium – Firefox Webseite komplett speichern (Bilder, css, html)

I found a solution to the problem by myself. The Problem is when you click on Save page as -> STRG + S an OS-Window pops up, which can’t be managed by Selenium. I read about many possible solutions about that using tools like AutoIT, xnee, jna or Java Robot.

I didn’t wanted to use such tools. So I searched for a firefox addon which is able to download a whole page (including images, css, html). After some seconds I found Scrapbook.

At last I downloaded the Addon File scrapbook-1.5.11-fx.xpi, modified some values in it and used it with selenium. It is working very vell.

Values I changed at /defaults/preferences/scrapbook-prefs.js which is

This config tells scrapbook to save the webpages at the defined path and that the shortcut for saving a page is STRG + SHIFT + D.

Now you only have to add the Plugin to the firefox profile,call a website and Send the shortcut to the browser.

I hope this helps someone!