HowTo – Installation of 3proxy 0.8.6, a tiny free proxy server on Debian 8

In this tutorial I’m going install and configure 3proxy on Debian 7×86. It is a really fast and lightweight alternative to Squid Proxy. My whole system with running 3proxy needs only 15 MB RAM. I will configure a HTTP Proxy and chroot him to increase security. Users for the Proxy are stored in the /usr/local/etc/3proxy/passwd file. At the end of the article I will add an user.

# Install Dependencies

# Download, compile and move 3proxy to wanted directory
# 3proxy will be chrooted to the directory /usr/local/etc/3proxy for security reasons

# Setting the file permissions.
# Only the log folder and the pid file should be rightable by 65535

# Save the following config in /usr/local/etc/3proxy/3proxy.cfg

# Generate an init script for automatic startup 3proxy after reboot

Content of the file /etc/init.d/3proxyinit

# Make the file executable

# Manual stop and start 3proxy

# Tell iptables, the internal firewall to forward packets arriving at Port 443 to 3128 (Port 3proxy ist listening)

# Install programm to make iptable Rules persistent (even after reboot)

######Add a user to the /usr/local/etc/3proxy/passwd file