Uhrzeit auf Server aktualisieren


Network Time Protocol. This will keep you system date with exact match to actual date.

Die Zeitzone kann bei ubuntu mit folgendem Befehl eingestellt werden:

Install and Configure

  • Type date to see current date and time

  • Install NTP

  • Done.
  • Type ntpq -p to see servers you are syncing with.
  • Type date again to see if the time changed. You time should be synced in a next minute.
  • Done.


  • If you run ntpq -p and you get

  • Run

  • And then again:

Public Internet Time Servers

  • pool.ntp.org – This points to a random worldwide time server.
  • europe.pool.ntp.org – This points to a random European time server.
  • uk.pool.ntp.org – This points to a random United Kingdom based time server.

Quelle: http://wiki.debian.org/NTP